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TFnet IRC Network

Welcome to the official website of the TFnet IRC Network! The network is the home for several transformation-related channels, and is free and open to anyone with such interests. It enjoys a small but regular set of visitors, a spam-free and hassle-free environment, a stable server platform, and an attentive administration. To get to TFnet, configure your IRC client to connect to either of:

  • (Seattle, WA-US)

What is this FormBot thing about?

In short, Kristy has together a description-storing 'bot which is almost a modern miracle of Perl. Visit the Services page for more info on what it is and how to use it.

Do you have channel or nick registration?

Yes, we do! One of the wonderful features of the IRC daemon we're using is that channel administration is very easy, and nick registration is a snap. Read more at the Services page.

What do you mean by transformation?

By transformation, we simply mean changing from one form into another, be it a change of gender, a shift of species, or any other sort of physical transmogrification imaginable. This is a rather wide subject area, but it turns out that there's something very common in the interest in these changes that brings people together, and such is the inspiration for the network; to provide a place for just that sort of gathering. To find out more, and to see what channels exist for such discussion, visit the Links page.

So are there some guidelines I should know first?

We're exceptionally easy-going and free-thinking folk, but even the loosest form of anarchy ends up with a few ground rules to keep everything running smoothly. To find out what the guidelines for the network are, please visit the Conduct page.

Why is this network around?

Quite simply, Undernet's long gone, FurNet's run by dubious folks, and Anthrochat is a little bit big for us. The founders of TFnet needed someplace we could count on to continue our core channels, and no other network seemed to fit the bill, so we made our own. More on this can be found on the History page.

Whose network is it?

The Staff page tells all about the current system administrators and operators, but really... it's the people's network, comrade!

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